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Inert Explosive Breaching Devices and Equipment, Breachers

Inert Products, LLC manufactures and distributes a range of Breaching Equipment tools and training aids. All replica explosives and weapons are 100% inert and non-hazardous.

Explosive Breaching / Non-Explosive Breaching Tools

Explosive Breaching / Non-Explosive Breaching Tools MED-ENG The Safariland Group Med-Eng is a leading global brand of Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and brings with it more than 30 years of expertise and market leadership.

Specializing in explosive equipment and supplies for EOD

EOD Equipment. Ballistic Protection. Blast Tracking. Breaching Tools. EOD Bags, Pouches & Leg Rigs. . Ideal Blasting Supply supports all law enforcement and military operations related to explosives. We are on the fore front of technology bringing new products to help keep you safe! . Dual Initiators are used for door breaching.

Door breachingWikipedia

Door breaching is a process used by military, police, or emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors. A wide range of methods are available, one …

SwatOmni Explosives

At Omni Distribution Inc, we focus on Explosive Breaching. Our goal is to help you breach doors, walls, ceilings and concrete barriers. Our Omni Universal Breaching System (UBS) is just what you need.

Get Your Breaching Tools, Kits and Custom Kits at EOD Gear.

Breaching Tools. Breaching Tools are available at EOD Gear because we are big fans of breaking things either explosively or mechanically.

Breaching | T1G

T1G Breaching Philosophy Dynamic Entry Requires a Rapid, Successful Breach. T1G employs the use of Current Force equipment that supports relevant operations in multiple conflicts/theaters around the globe.The physics, strategies, and tactics are equally relevant to Law Enforcement and SOF, OGA Specialty Teams.

Explosive Handlers & Breaching CourseTEES

On successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to safely and confidently employ explosive breaching charges in support of special operation missions. Equipment …

Explosive Breaching Course | Explosive Breaching Training

Full tactical explosive breaching equipment and all personal protection items (your standard operational kit – ensure you have long sleeves and pants, ballistic helmet, ballistic projectile eye/ear protection, and sturdy gloves)


The practice of storing explosives in an unattended day-box is not only a violation of Federal explosives regulations, but it also exposes the day-box and the explosives stored therein to theft and illegal use.

EXPLOSIVE BREACHINGTactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun

The St. Charles County SWAT team’s minimum requirement of personal protective equipment for merely handling explosive charges includes eye protection, ear protection, a helmet, body armor, gloves and a ballistic or non-ballistic shield.

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES)

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems provides professional Tactical and Breaching training for military, law enforcement, and other government agencies.

Breaching SleeveRONIN TACTICS

The breaching sleeve has bungee and tension locks to secure breaching charges. The sleeve also provides a top flap with a FASTECH buckle that will secure the mechanical breaching tool. This sleeve was developed from the needs of the Operator during Close Quarters Battle, requiring quick access to their breaching tools and explosive charges.

Tactical Explosive Breaching: An Introduction on the

1 Tactical Explosive Breaching: An Introduction on the use of Explosives in Today’s Police Department As police departments enter the 21st century we must be cognizant of the society that we live in and focus our attention in adapting to the latest changes that enhance our ability to

Explosive Breaching Characterization Handbook | CTTSO

The Explosive Breaching Characterization Handbook is a 141 page technical reference guide for use during explosive breaching training and operations. The Handbook includes information on Target Intelligence, Explosive Breaching Safety, Breaching Charge construction, and other technical data.

Special Ops BreachingTactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun

Explosive breaching is self-explanatory: the use of explosives to create a hole or entrance. Thermal breaching is the least used method, utilizing a cutting torch to …

Blasters Tool & Supply | Blasting Equipment, EOD

Next time you’re looking for EOD tools, blasting mats, explosives storage magazines, or any other piece of professional equipment, trust the pros at Blasters Tool and Supply. We are continually updating our site to bring you the latest and most reliable products.


We offer a range of mechanical breaching tools as well as accessories for explosive breaching for special forces of military and law enforcement. All breaching equipment offered by us were developed by experienced breachers in the United States and Israel and provide quality benchmarks in …

Explosive Entry Breaching FramesAssessment

Explosive Entry Breaching Frames . and validations on commercial equipment and systems, and provides those results . explosive breaching. During the assessment, evaluators rated the explosive entry breaching frames based on evaluation criteria established by …


Breaching / EMoE. Alford Strip™ . Welcome to Alford Technologies | The World’s Leading Provider of User-Filled Explosive Charges & Disruptors. https://explosives.net. The Latest News. 15. Mar. Reservists Day Wednesday 27th June 2018. Alford Technologies will be supporting this year’s Reservists Day. Reservists give up their spare time .

Breacher DetailsCMV Technologies, LLC

Breacher Details. Breacher was developed by CMV Technologies, LLC to calculate safe stacking distances for explosive breaching. CMV provides this application for use as is and it is up to the user to validate results. CMV assumes no liability or guarantee regarding the safety of the personnel when performing explosive breaching.


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